Welcome to Thermologix


Thermologix  is a Cape Town based BEE Level 1 South African company specialising in temperature and humidity control systems and equipment. Our products have been specifically designed and manufactured locally for the pharmaceutical and health industry and our history can be found spanning some 30 years of successful asset protection and monitoring.


We believe ThermoLogix has the most relevant and appropriate temperature monitoring solution to the requirements of the South African Pharmacy Council Board Notice 50 of 2015 which complies with WHO standards. Our offering is a unique low-risk, cost effective, simple and functionally compliant solution that no other service provider can deliver.


Specialising in:

  • Distribution Warehouse and Freezer Mapping
  • Live Delivery Vehicle Temperature Monitoring
  • Ambient Temperature Monitoring
  • Retail Vaccine Refrigerator Monitoring
  • Temperature Monitoring Ranges
    • -25 to -15 deg c | +2 to +8 deg c | +15 to +25 deg c
  • Humidity Monitoring
  • Merchandise Security Solutions
  • “Medicines in transit” Live Tracking & Temperature Monitoring with Local, National and Regional coverage